Patient Testimonials

I am peri menopausal and started having unbearable hot flashes and night sweats. Dr Keller really understands what I am going through. She takes her time to explain, evaluate and tests for all your hormones and more. A combinations of diet change, supplements stress reduction and a small amount of bio identical hormones, I am feeling like myself again. Thank you, Dr Keller
— JN, Wyckoff

Dr Keller really changed my Life. Not only did Dr. Keller balance my hormones, help me with making life style changes including my diet, regular exercise (that I now cannot live without) and stress reduction and the right vitamins and supplements. She also helped my daughter with her anxiety and chronic fatigue. Really I can’t thank her enough.
— KM, Midland Park

Before I came to Dr. Keller, I was miserable, flashing all day. At times I had to leave meetings, my face would be dripping. I have my life back. Thanks to Dr. Keller
— LF, Wyckoff

Dr. Keller has been my anti-aging doctor for the last 5 years; she has balanced my hormones, helps me with my weight and also addressed my aging skin. I have had micro needling, VI Peel, and most recently Botox and juvederm. I am so happy with her approach. She prefers non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments and when it comes to Botox and fillers she believes less is more. I know I can trust her to help me look and feel my best I also use her skin care, they are amazing products.
— SK, Franklin Lakes

I am peri-menopausal and started having hot flashes, and some night sweats. I was anxious, moody and could not sleep. It took awhile to get balanced, but I am now doing great. Dr. Keller really cares and worked with me to find the best treatment for me. I didn’t want to take hormones, so through diet, exercise and supplements I back to feeling great! If you are not feeling like yourself, go see Dr. Keller she will help you.
— LK, Franklin Lakes

I think why Dr. Keller is so good at what she does is she really cares and understands how challenging it can be to deal with menopausal symptoms. I know I thought I was going crazy. She took the time to explain what was happening to my body and made a treatment plan that addressed all aspects of health and wellness. Really she helped me feel like myself again.

I have had chronic health problems for almost two decades and have been to dozens of doctors for help with no improvement. I can honestly say, and without reservation, Dr. Keller is the very first doctor I have met who not only understands my issues but created comprehensive unique plan to ensure my improved health. She is generous with her time, resources and wisdom. I cannot recommend Dr. Keller more highly. She is just a wonderful woman and I’m sure you will be as grateful as I am for her medical expertise and her emotional support. She is the very best!!! I am very pleased to take the time to rate Dr. Keller so more people will get to know her and benefit from her skills and insight.

Dear Dr. Keller-
I so appreciate your comprehensive approach to my wellness and your respectful and caring manner. Your health questionnaire was so thorough and the questions you asked when taking a history helped me to consider making some lifestyle changes (eg meditation and diet changes). Your diagnostic skills which encompased traditional western as well as complementary medicine.were refreshing.You were the first to raise a gluten free diet and it’s helped me feel so much better.

Once my bloodwork results returned, your explanations were easy to understand and your advice was consultative and practical. I’m so glad to be under your care and to benefit from your expertise.
— ELG, Warwick, NY

Thank you so much for helping me feel better so quickly by reducing my fatigue and joint/muscle pain. Dr. Keller really did a comprehensive evaluation. She took tests that my primary care doctor never ordered before. She found out what was causing the symptoms. The acupuncture treatments combined with the right medication, supplements, and dietary adjustments have made my joints, muscles, and soft tissue much less irritated and pain free! The quiet atmosphere and heated tables are great also. If you have pain, sore muscles, or fatigue I recommend you go see Dr. Keller.
— SH Bergen County

I have been dealing with stiffness, fatigue, an achy feeling every day for over 5 years. I have gone doctor to doctor searching for someone to help with my symptoms. All the doctors I went to were not helping me. I knew what I was feeling was real. After 2 years of conventional tests and medications with tremendous side effects that gave me little to no relief I went online and found Dr. Betty Keller.

2 weeks after my first consult with Dr. Keller I was put on a course with a positive diagnosis and a treatment plan to begin the healing process with the fibromyalgia. I was able to talk to Dr. Keller about all of my symptoms with no judgment. She figured out that I had a thyroid problem also. Dr. Keller was the one who made me get all the right tests to figure out what was truly wrong with me on top of the fibromyalgia.
One month later I was able to sleep, think clearly, relieve stress, and begin a healthy life style with a huge reduction in my pain level. I even lost 10 pounds and it keeps coming off.

Dr. Keller’s knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine has totally turned my life around. Basic everyday activity that had become impossible is now easy to accomplish. My pain threshold has become greater and my stress no longer controls my life. I have a new life now thanks to Dr. Keller. She gave me the opportunity to get better when other doctors were not really doing so. She has changed my life.
— D.F., Northern New Jersey

In the past several years my health has deteriorated rapidly. It seemed out of nowhere I’d have these random symptoms of pain. It occurred in various parts of my body, but mostly my feet and legs. I’d seen multiple specialists, each prescribing their own sets of tests, medications, and physical therapy only to have another issue shortly after. It got to the point several times that it was too painful to walk and I was forced to be off my feet with lost time from work. More importantly, I missed out on quality time with my loved ones. I became depressed, gained weight, has elevated cholesterol, and began to fear that this would become my path in life. Then I found Dr. Keller. I knew from my first visit she understood me and for the first time I felt hopeful that I’d found someone who could help. She has given me my life back. She’s treating me for Fibromyalgia, bursitis, and bulging disk. She has helped me lose 20 pounds, reduced my cholesterol from 229 to 153, and these days I am mostly pain free, optimistic, and enjoying life again all without harmful narcotics, but rather through diet, supplements, quality sleep, and acupuncture.

Dr. Keller has turned my life around and I am forever grateful. I recommend her to anyone who deals with chronic pain. She truly can make a positive difference and help you to enjoy life again.
— CP, Bergen County NJ